Does your testimony include necessity?

You must have a medical expert retained to identify relatedness and necessity of treatment – I am not qualified to make such proclamations.  However, once your medical expert has identified the diagnosis’ involved with related treatment, I can create reports and provide testimony regarding relatedness based on the medical experts findings.  This is done with […]

How is a valuation conducted?

Valuation uses the same process as the review and analysis, only backwards.  The same system is used to apply a value to a service as is used to analyze and opine.   Detailed information would be needed from a medical expert to indicate what procedures need to be performed, including any pre and post-op exams, imaging, […]

Why should I hire you instead of using my medical expert?

For many situations, a medical expert is just fine for this job.  But in some scenarios, it can be more valuable and efficient; 1. Your medical expert is an expert in his/her field of medicine; not in the billing department.  Their administrative staff tend to know more about their billing than they do. 2. Although […]

Have you ever testified that a value is inflated?

Yes.  In such cases a medical record review is conducted to uncover any special circumstances to substantiate the charge.  If not, I can offer a formulated, calculated reduction on the fees or remove it from my testimony entirely.

Are you limited to any geographic region?

No.  In addition to the fact that all medical practices are governed by the same set of rules, the formulas utilized in the process of analysis includes geographic multipliers which correspond to specific regions.

What practice areas can you testify about?

Any practice area.  All medical practices are governed by the same set of rules, codes and formulas to calculate fees.  Details about procedures and the method in which they are billed are detailed with CPT (Common Procedural Terminology) code sets.