Could you improve your case with a medical specials review?

With over 25 years of experience, Alliance Legal Services can substantiate or refute the reasonableness of medical damages, estimate the cost of future care, report on diagnostic and relatedness issues, review medical records and perform audits.

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Applying industry standard methods, Alliance Legal Services combines the use of RBRVS, UCR and direct, geographic and case specific evaluations to build a thorough analysis of the medical special damages incurred, or future treatment recommendations, for matters involving (but not limited to) personal injury, wrongful death and medical malpractice.  ALS provides services to both plaintiffs and defendants.

Karina Vega, founder and owner of Alliance Legal Services has been in the medical billing industry for 25 years and has provided expert services in both superior and federal courts throughout the United States since 2006.  Please inquire for CV and Case List.


         “Karina and I have worked with each other in the past on health / medical insurance pricing disputes, and she has proven incredibly knowledgeable and helpful each time around. More recently (this year), Karina and I have been working on a complicated pricing dispute. We represent a domestic billing agent who represents a Mexican hospital that rendered extensive medical services to an English woman traveling in Mexico several years ago. The English woman’s travel insurance company (also out of England) only tendered roughly $50,000.00 in relation to the Mexican hospital’s approximate $800,000.00 bill. The opposition retained a Mexican doctor to dispute the amount billed by the Mexican hospital, whereas I (representing the domestic billing agency as assignee of the Mexican hospital) retained Karina to validate the Mexican hospital’s bill and / or invalidate the Mexican doctor’s adverse reporting, if plausible. Karina has already rendered a terrific, very analytical initial rebuttal report. She has subsequently helped me craft expert written discovery, narrowly tailored to the issues at play. And, most recently, she helped me prepare for my deposition of the opposition’s Mexican doctor expert … Karina even participated in the deposition itself with me, observing my questioning and assisting me with analysis and further questioning as the deposition unfolded. Karina’s services have proven invaluable in this most recent matter; and, again, her services have proven invaluable in past matters as well. When it comes to assessing the pricing of a health insurance matter (billed amount vs. paid amount), or anything along those lines, you cannot go wrong with retaining Karina to add her undeniable expertise. And if anybody would like to further discuss my work with Karina and the Karina skill sets she has demonstrated to me more than once, you are welcome to contact me.”